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Risk and compliance management (RCM) are critical processes that identify, investigate, assess and measure the issues facing your organization's data. 


Protecting it is one of the company's main concerns, as data is one of the most valuable and strategic assets for companies.


The journey of personal data through an organization is quite complex: data is duplicated and processed across multiple departments, in the cloud and on-premises, and includes consumer, employee and partner data. There are also changes and new regulations to consider, such as in Europe for RGPD, in the US, China, Australia, etc.


Learn how HEMLEY helps organizations implement comprehensive data governance and protection starting with the deployment of the necessary solutions to protect critical data from unauthorized use or theft.


Given the cost of fines and the cost of a data breach, organizations need to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with laws, security policies and regulations. With the increasing number of these regulations in many countries and threats coming from all directions, companies need transparency about the protection of their customer's, supplier's, and partner's data.

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