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1- Enterprise Architecture - Security Architecture - Strategy

Security governance is an ongoing process that is an integral part of a company's culture, integrating risk management and strategically aligned with its business objectives. Developing policies, guidelines and procedures is the starting point of the governance framework, establishing an overall security program to ensure the application of security principles, measures and controls within your company.

Whether you are subject to NIST 800-53, ISO 27000 or PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), many companies must comply with specific requirements and adopt cybersecurity best practices.

2- The stages of strategic planning

State of play


Strategic Plan & Roadmap

Execution & Evaluation

      Accompaniment and support

3- Skills

  • Corporate Cybersecurity Governance (Development ofPolicies, directives, standards, etc.)

  • Risk analysis (MEHARI, EBIOS, ISO27005, etc.)

  • Regulatory compliance management (LADOPPRP, Law 64, GDPR, etc.)

  • Supply chain management

  • Business Intelligence et competitive

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