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HEMLEY specializes in information security management and information technology. Creator of innovative and efficient solutions promoting organizational agility and operational excellence for our clients, our approach considers cybersecurity and IT as levers for transforming organizations.

"Together, let's create your future"

Our services

Our Servuces
Strategy &   Architecture 

Together, let's turn your vision and your missions into reality. Our strategic planning approach will help you achieve your goals.

Digital Transformation

Information systems allow you to be more effective and efficient. IT optimization is a challenge that we will help you meet.

Information security

Our expertise (ISO 27000, NIST, NERC, Security Master Plan, IT and security audit, etc.) will allow you to master  your information security risks. 

IoT Security

Take control of the security of the operational technologies that are introduced into your organization.


Your business and its environment are changing rapidly. Continually developing your skills is one efficient way to ensure that your business stays on track.  

Cloud Security

Support your productivity, business growth, and cost optimization while reducing your business exposure to cyberattacks. 


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HEMLEY creates value to ensure your sustainability.

"Together let's create your future"

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